Monday, March 12, 2012

Writings from Wimberley (March Photos, Days 10-12)

Babycakes, the cats, & I arrived safely to Wimberley Saturday night. Sam Johnson howled the entire car ride- didn't help that we were driving through torrential rains. Eventually I was able to turn up the radio loud enough to drown out poor Sam's pleas.

We are staying at the "Watermelon Cottage" at the Highpoint Manor Inn B&B. It definitely lives up to the name- there are watermelon chachkas everywhere you turn! Plates, pictures, tablecloths, baskets, you name it- it has a watermelon on it. We laid down a watermelon drop cloth on our couch, lest Mr. Otis decide to pee make himself at home.

 Who me? Pee? Never.

Sam Johnson in the country, howling no more.

Our cottage also seems to be built  for dwarfs people my size. The shower head barely reaches the top of my 5'2 head, and I can just see the upper part of my face in the bathroom mirror. Based on this, I bring you Photo #10 of the March Photo Challenge, "LOVE:"

My sweet, sweet 6'4 BC- who has to stoop way down to look in our cottage mirror.
 Adorable for me, not so awesome for him.

Our cottage community could also double as a bona-fide farm! So many animals all over the property. BC and I have been loving visiting them, and learning some of their silly names. So for my Day #11 photo prompt, "LIVING," I bring you our menagerie of new friends:

 This Alpaca was absolutely stunning, and one of my favorites.

 I've also discovered I LOVE donkeys!

 Lucky for us, it is mating season for these beautiful peacocks. 
This fella was pulling out all the stops to attract the ladies.

Peacock butt! Also surprisingly pretty.

 Feeding frenzy. Hay= instant best friends.

 This chicken took her hairstyle cues from Tina Turner

 Hi Mr. Parrot!

Daisy May- one of the most ancient pigs I've ever met 
(ancient being 14 years old)

Yesterday BC and I took a trip into town to stock up on groceries (downtown Wimberely has only 3 stoplights! Blink and you could miss it). We'd agreed to each cook a meal at our cottage home this week, and last night was my turn. I purchased some cod fillets, Cajun seasoned breading, & spinach to saute.

As I've said before, I am not the most adept in the kitchen. However, I've cooked this meal before, and felt confident going into the challenge. What I had not anticipated were the extremely poor tools I had to cook with. There were a total of two cooking pans to choose from, both very cheap with a convex shape- where any oil & ingredients oozed to the edge perimeter of the pan, leaving everything in the center dry & on high heat. I also had an electric stove to work with, another foreign cooking concept.

The meal was an absolute disaster.

The coating on the fish burned quickly & stuck to the pan, smoke funneling up throughout the cottage. Not wanting to set the Watermelon Cottage on fire, I removed the fish from the heat. Unfortunately it still wasn't cooked through the center. BC was sweet and ate his piece anyway- I, however, took one bite and literally spit it out. It was disgusting and one of the worst things I think I've ever prepared. 

Behold- the beauty of putting me in charge of dinner, and Day #12's prompt "EAT." I think the watermelon plate adds a nice touch. Bon appetite!


  1. I love all of your pictures!! Just found your blog today and I feel like I'm really going to enjoy it :) Nice to meet ya!!!

    1. Aw, thans so much Crystal! Nice to meet you too! : )

  2. This is the Jules I know and love, the animal rescuer (remember that Mama dog and puppies you saved, much to the unhappiness of your nearest neighbor?) and the dinner ruiner!

    I'm surprised you left town for the biggest party of the year, though I think SXSW lost its appeal for me a while ago...


    1. It actually felt great to leave all the mayhem behind! That festival keeps getting bigger and bigger. And yes- once an animal lover/dinner ruiner, always an animal lover/dinner ruiner. ; )